Municipal Advisory

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Municipal advisory

Beyond core accounting work, our firm offers extended value as an accounting service provider for municipalities in New Hampshire. We truly understand the challenges that local governments face and provide you with industry-specific expertise required to overcome these obstacles and improve your financial condition.

Consider all that we can do for you:

  • Prepare and assist with required MS-forms, including but not limited to MS-60, MS-61, MS-434, MS-232, MS-9 and MS-10
  • Prepare and compile MS-535
  • Help you prepare for your audit requirements - whether you have a local auditor or CPA
  • Oversee accounting software conversion and implementation
  • Offer QuickBooks® training and consultation
  • Provide bookkeeping assistance
  • Cash management
  • Process payroll
  • Create detailed statements and reports to help you manage your town
  • Serve as accounting function oversight
  • Assist you with your budget process
  • Consult on fund balance requirements and needs
  • Navigate conversations or questions with DRA
  • Provide on-call assistance as needed